Remembering the Past AustraliaPlease join us in welcoming Remembering the Past Australia to the GeneabloggersTRIBE Membership Roll.

Lorraine Newland uses her blog as a vehicle to organise and share out of copyright articles and images relating to Australian History from several sites and print resources. Recent posts from Remembering the Past Australia include:

Lorraine, a family history researcher, created the site as a personal interest project. She says ”this site provides free lists of names and resources, along with articles and stories which provide a different perspective on Australia’s richly layered history.”

Those with an interest in Australian history will enjoy delving into the resources available via this blog.

Contributed by Jill Ball
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Jill Ball

Jill (GeniAus) Ball, a former librarian, teacher, IT specialist, and grandmother of 12 from Sydney, Australia who shares shares her passion through her GeniAus blog and website, as well as social media.  Read more...

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