We celebrate three blogiversaries today!

Happy Blogiversary Happy Blogiversary to Genealogy Leftovers!

Judy Webster has been blogging at Genealogy Leftovers since 2010. This is her general genealogy blog and has information generally useful for anyone worldwide, though she specializes in Australian research.

Recent posts include:

Thanks Judy! Keep up the good work!

Happy Blogiversary to Old Bones Genealogy!

Eileen A. Souza has been blogging at  Old Bones Genealogy since 2012. She is a professional genealogist, the vice-president and program director for the Carroll County Genealogical Society, and a member of APG.

Recent posts include:

Great job, Eileen! We will have to try your mom’s meatloaf recipe.

Happy Blogiversary to Solomon Goss of Fearing Township!

Bonnie is a retired genealogist who still writes and researches, and has been blogging about a specific branch of her family since 2011 at Solomon Goss of Fearing Township. This blog is specifically about a man named Solomon Goss who lived from 1754-1825. His family started in Massachusetts and later migrated to Pennsylvania and beyond.

Recent posts include:

Nice work, Bonnie! Keep sharing your findings!

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