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The GeneaBloggersTRIBE leadership team compiled this calendar of ideas with the help of Chase’s Calendar of Events. As you look at the listings, think how they might relate to your genealogical research, stories of handed down the family tree, historical context for you ancestors, or your own memories.

‘Murphy Brown’ Television Debut – Anniversary
Nov 14 all-day

Nov 14, 1988. This intelligent, often acerbic sitcom set in Washington, DC, starred Candice Bergen as an egotistical, seasoned journalist working for the fictitious TV news show FYI. Featured were Grant Shaud as the shows high-strung producer, Miles Silver-berg (later replaced by Lily Tomlin); Faith Ford as the former Miss America-turned-anchor, Corky Sherwood; Joe Regalbuto as neurotic reporter Frank Fontana; Charles Kimbrough as uptight anchorman Jim Dial; Pat Corley as Phil, owner of the local watering hole; and Robert Pastorelli as Eldin Bernecky, perfectionisthousepainter and aspiring artist. The series ended with the May 31, 1998 episode.

International Girls Day
Nov 14 all-day

International Girls Day on 14 November is a day to build confidence in girls and celebrate their dreams.

Spirit of NSA Day
Nov 14 all-day

Nov 14. The National Speakers Association (NSA) has designated today as a national day of advocacy encouraging professional speakers to support one another. NSA members are encouraged to focus on giving back, providing genuine support to speaking colleagues and taking time to connect, help, mentor or refer business to other members without any expectation ofreciprocation.

Georgia O’Keefe’s Birthday – Anniversary
Nov 15 all-day

Nov 15, 1887. Described as one of the major American artists of the 20th century, Georgia OKeeffe was born at Sun Prairie, WI. In 1924she married the famous photographer Alfred Stieglitz. His more than 500 photographs of her have been called the greatest love poem in the history ofphotography. She painted desert landscapes and flower studies. She died at Santa Fe, NM, Mar 6, 1986.

National Bundt Day
Nov 15 all-day

Nov 15. A day for everyone young and old to pull the Bundt pansfrom the cupboards and get ready for baking delicious masterpiece cakes during the upcoming holiday season. The Bundt pan has stood the test of time for more than 50 years and is a fixture in nearly every home in America. The Bundt is the quintessential kitchenware icon. Bake a cake in the traditional design or choose one of the more than 40 Bundt shapes for your own special creation to share with family and friends.

Admission Day – Oklahoma
Nov 16 all-day

On 16 November 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state in the Union.

Louis Riel Hanging – Anniversary
Nov 16 all-day

Nov 16, 1885. Born at St. Boniface, MB, Canada, Oct 23, 1844, Louis Riel, leader of the Metis (French/ Indian mixed ancestry), waselected to Canadas House of Commons in 1873 and 1874 but never seated. Having been confined to asylums for madness (feigned or falsely charged, some said), Riel became a US citizen in 1883. In 1885 he returned to western Canada to lead the North West Rebellion. Defeated, he surrendered and was tried for treason, convicted and hanged, at Regina, SK, Canada. Seen asa patriot and protector of French culture in Canada, Riel became a legendand a symbol of the problems between French and English Canadians.

Homemade Bread Day
Nov 17 all-day

Nov 17. A day for the family to remember and enjoy the making,baking and eating of nutritious homemade bread.

Image courtesy of user Couler, CC0

National Unfriend Day
Nov 17 all-day

Nov 17. Inspired by late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, National Unfriend Day is the day in which Facebook users take an honest inventory of their friends list and eliminate all those who aren’t true friends.By making cuts, they will be able to devote more time and energy to the people who really matter in their lives.

Image courtesy of user Fotomek

Suez Canal – Anniversary
Nov 17 all-day

Suez Canal Nov 17, 1869. Formal opening of the Suez Canal. It had taken 1.5 million men a decade to dig the 100-mile canal. It shortened the sea route from Europe to India by 6,000 miles. An Anglo-French commission ran the canal until 1956, when Egypt’s president, Gamal Abdel Nasser, seized it.

Image: Public Domain,

Jonestown Massacre – Anniversary
Nov 18 all-day

Jim JonesNov 18, 1978. On this date the Indiana-born, 47-year-old Reverend Jim Jones, leader of the Peoples Temple, was reported to have directed the suicides of more than 900 persons at Jonestown, Guyana. US Representative Leo J. Ryan of California and four members of his party were killed in an ambush at Port Kaituma airstrip on Nov 18, 1978, when they attempted to leave after an investigative visit to the remote jungle location oft he religious cult. On the following day Jones and his mistress killed themselves after watching the administration of Kool-Aid laced with the deadly poison cyanide to members of the cult. At least 912 persons died in the biggest murder-suicide in history.

More information:

Image courtesy of Nancy Wong –CC BY-SA 3.0

Louis Daguerre’s Birthday – Anniversary
Nov 18 all-day

Louis Daguerre's BirthdayNov 18, 1787. French tax collector, theater scene-painter, physicist and inventor, born at Cormeilles-en-Paris, France. Remembered for his invention of the daguerreotype photographic process, one of the earliest to permit a photographic image to be chemically fixed to provide a permanent picture. It wasn’t the first photographic process, but it was the most practically viable in that it dramatically reduced the time for an image to appear. The process was presented to the French Academy of Science Jan 7, 1839. In recognition of this accomplishment, Daguerre was admitted to Frances Legion of Honour. He died near Paris, France, July 10, 1851.

Image: Public Domain,

Mickey Mouse’s Birthday
Nov 18 all-day

Nov 18. The comical activities of squeaky-voiced Mickey Mouse first appeared in 1928, on the screen of the Colony Theatre at New York City. The film, Walt Disney’s Steamboat Willie, was the first animated cartoon talking picture.

Image: Mickey Mouse from Steam Boat Willie, Fair Use.

Push-Button Phone Debuts – Anniversary
Nov 18 all-day

Push button PhoneOn 18 November 1963, push button or touch tone” telephones went into service – for an extra charge.

Image courtesy of user MikesPhotos, CC0.

US Uniform Time Zone Plan – Anniversary
Nov 18 all-day

Nov 18, 1883. Charles Ferdinand Dowd, a college professor and one of the early advocates of uniform time, proposed a time zone plan of the US (four zones of 15 degrees), which he and others persuaded the railroads to adopt and place in operation on this date. Because it didn’t involve the enactment of any law, some localities didn’t change their clocks. A year later, an international conference applied the same procedure to create time zones for the entire world. US time zones weren’t nationally legalized until 1918, with the passage of the Standard Time Act.

Image courtesy of user openclipart-vectors, CC0.

‘Rocky and His Friends’ Television Debut – Anniversary
Nov 19 all-day

Nov 19, 1959. This popular cartoon featured the adventures of a talking squirrel, Rocky (Rocket J. Squirrel), and his friend Bullwinkle, a flaky moose. The tongue-in-cheek dialogue contrasted with the simple plots in which Rocky and Bullwinkle tangled with Russian bad guys Boris Badenov and Natasha (who worked for Mr Big). Other popular segments on the show included Fractured Fairy Tales, Bullwinkle’s Corner and the adventures of Sherman and Mr Peabody (an intelligent talking dog). In 1961 the show was renamed The Bullwinkle Show, but the cast of characters remained the same.

Cold War Formally Ends – Anniversary
Nov 19 all-day

Cold warNov 19 21, 1990. A summit was held at Paris, France, with the leaders of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). The highlight of the summit was the signing of a treaty to dramatically reduce conventional weapons in Europe, thereby ending the Cold War.

Image Courtesy of user Falco, CC0.

First Presidential Library – Anniversary
Nov 19 all-day

Nov 19, 1939. President Franklin D. Roosevelt laid the cornerstone for his presidential library at Hyde Park, NY. He donated the land, but public donations provided funds for the building, which was dedicated on June 30, 1941.

Gettysburg Address – Anniversary
Nov 19 all-day

Nov 19, 1863. In 1863, 17 acres of the battlefield at Gettysburg, PA, were dedicated as a national cemetery. Noted orator Edward Everett spoke for two hours; the address that Lincoln delivered in less than two minutes was later recognized as one of the most eloquent of the English language. Five manuscript copies in Lincolns hand survive, including the rough draft begun in ink at the executive mansion at Washington and concluded in pencil at Gettysburg on the morning of the dedication (kept at the Library of Congress).

Image: Old postcard of Gettysburg Cemetery Hill, Public Domain

Women’s Christian Temperance Union Organized – Anniversary
Nov 19 all-day

Nov 19, 1874. Developed out of the Women’s Temperance Crusade of 1873, the Women’s Christian Temperance Union was organized at Cleveland, OH. The crusade had swept through 23 states with women going into saloons to sing hymns, pray and ask saloon keepers to stop selling liquor. Today the temperance group, headquartered at Evanston, IL, includes more than a million members with chapters in 72 countries and continues to be concerned with educating people on the potential dangers of the use of alcohol, narcotics and tobacco.

Image: Public Domain,

Name Your PC Day
Nov 20 all-day

November 20th each year is a day to celebrate your personal computer’s name – or to choose one!

Image Courtesy of user kulinetto, CC0

Robert Kennedy Birth – Anniversary
Nov 20 all-day

Robert Kennedy Nov 20, 1925. US senator and younger brother of John F. Kennedy, 35th president of the US, was born at Brookline, Massachusetts. An assassin shot him at Los Angeles, CA, June 5, 1968, while he was campaigning for the presidential nomination. He died the next day. Sirhan Sirhan was convicted of his murder.

Image: Public Domain,

Universal Children’s Day
Nov 20 all-day

National Children's Day Nov 20. Designated by the General Assembly as Universal Children’s Day. First observance was in 1953. A time to honor children with special ceremonies and festivals and to make children’s needs known to governments. Observed on different days and in different ways in more than 120 nations. See for more information.

Image courtesy of user drkiranhania, CC0.

Beaujolais Nouveau Released
Nov 21 all-day

Nov 17. By French law, Beaujolais Nouveau, a young red wine,cant be released for sale until the third Thursday of November. Once the third Thursday is reached, celebrations abound as the wine travels to markets all over the world.

Image courtesy of user roksen_andre, CC0.


Great American Smokeout
Nov 21 all-day

On the 3rd Thursday of each November, Americans are asked to kick their cigarette habit during the Great American Smokeout.

Image courtesy of

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