Help Wanted Looking for Volunteers to Join the GeneaBloggers Leadership Team.

Want to join the GeneaBloggers leadership team? It’s a great group of dynamic people.

With all the Exciting Changes Coming to GeneaBloggers, there’s also more to do.

We’re looking for volunteers to

  • Help generate blogiversary and new member welcome posts (desired skill: ability to work with Google Forms)
  • Assist our Treasurer in coordinating membership (desired skills: basic math, spread sheets)
  • Curate content for our newsletter (desired skill: ability to find content relative to bloggers)
  • Post articles on our site (required skill: ability to use self-hosted WordPress)

If you’re interested in any of these roles, shoot us an email at moc.l1550266742iamg@1550266742EBIRT1550266742sregg1550266742olBae1550266742neG1550266742.

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